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Caesarstone Installation, Wellington Countertop Installers

Acquiring a durable and timeless design for your countertops takes more than just the right installers. Although our company Wellington Countertop Installers offers the best support, using quality materials is equally important. Hence, we only work with reliable and durable options such as Caesarstone, which leads to a unique and reliable countertop result that can be achieved thanks to their quality quartz and porcelain countertops. As long as you want the project and can finance the different slabs needed, our team will be more than happy to work with the Caesarstone installation for you.

What makes this brand unique and worth the investment? The experience and how they fabricate each slab. While other companies use about 70% of raw materials such as quartz and porcelain, you can get a unique and durable piece from this one with over 90% of it. As a result, the countertops are bound to look better, last longer, and be more resistant to all elements and chemicals.

In the long run, it ends up being a better investment as it truly adds value to your property and brings a countertop design and result that can last a lifetime if you wish for it. As long as the installation is handled accordingly, you don’t need to worry about the durability and how much you will get from the entire project.

Our company is more than used to installing the materials and working with the brand. Moreover, they cover the warranty and allow us to give you an entire new slab in case you have problems with the one used. While it doesn’t include damage that isn’t part of nature or manufacturing issues, you get better coverage and attention from all sides.

What Makes Caesarstone Installation Different from Other Brands?

How they work with quartz but also porcelain. Options such as Cambria are competitive due to the time they have been in business and how they truly treat their products and production.

However, Caesarstone is one of the few options that has incurred in working with porcelain, making it even more of a favorite among homeowners and commercial property owners.

While porcelain can make you question the countertops you are installing, they are not only durable from this brand but also come in a wide variety of designs and patterns, leading to more freedom in what you choose in design and colors.

Moreover, the brand works with its unique raw materials and has over 30 years in the market. As a result, their quality is comparable to or even higher than most regular brands, the regular quartz you can get, or the porcelain from the store in the corner for sure.

One of the beauties of choosing it for your quartz or porcelain countertops lies in how they have created multiple designs and colors. While other companies will have the usual white and light colors, you can find stunning dark tones and different patterns that mix new colors and tones for your space.

Our company can help you choose the most suitable one for your idea and preferences. Furthermore, we will consider your budget and how you would like the entire design and countertop installation to look like.

In fact, we can get you samples before you decide to choose one of the options they have available. Additionally, we order it or make sure to start working right away if it is one of the slabs we have available immediately so that you get the countertop installation done in no time.

Is Caesarstone Countertop More Expensive?

Prices can vary with the brand. While you can get it for lower costs than natural quartz and your usual options, it can be higher than other brands, such as Cambria and Radiance.

The average goes from $65 to $150, meaning the square foot can end up being a major expense. However, it will pay off your investment in case you are aiming for a long-term investment more than the initial one.

Moreover, our countertop installers can help you get the perfect option within your budget as long as you let us know any details about your Caesarstone installation so that we can plan and design it accordingly.

At Wellington Countertop Installers, we think about everything and make sure you don’t have to worry about the different parts of the process.

Our Caesarstone installations can be done with any of the options from the brand, and we can show you multiple samples so that you make a decision based on what you like and can afford.