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Natural Stone Installers, Wellington Countertop Installers

Whenever you decide to go for countertop installation, you will need to stop for more than a second to choose the best type of stone and material you can use for it. Otherwise, you are bound to regret your decision or have to deal with extra services later. In case you have questions or doubts or don’t know where to start, we can tell you this: natural stones are the ones to go for. Although this entails several options, it is easier to consider the different alternatives when you take the time to review them with natural stone installers who know everything about them.

At Wellington Countertop Installers, our team would love to help you get all your installation done. While some companies will be there as simple viewers and provide a questionable service, we promise to go above and beyond with your projects. For this, we need to know about you, the specific material you will choose, and how much you can invest in the project.

Unlike other companies in the area, we have been working with only natural stones since our inception over 15 years ago. Therefore, we know everything about the designs, subtypes, different prices, and how they are best installed. Whenever you work with us, you know you will get a quality result that is based on your needs and only uses top-quality materials.

But how much do we help you during this project? Do we only provide the general service or offer advice and recommendations?

In case you have doubts or questions about what design would be best, how to work with your project, or if the natural stone you want is optimal, we are here for you. After all, we help you choose, plan, and design before the installation.

What Natural Stones Are Available for Countertop Installation?

It will feel like there is no end to the natural stones you can consider for your space. However, there is.

Nevertheless, the challenge lies in how you have to choose one by following important criteria:

  • Your budget.
  • Preferences in design and style for your countertops.
  • The specific interiors or exteriors you have.
  • Any vision or idea you have around the whole design of the space?
  • Your limitations in space.
  • The maintenance and repairs you are able to provide to the countertop you install.

Once you have the list checked or with most of the answers and criteria following the factors, you will be able to start working on the natural stone for your countertops. However, whenever you feel like tackling this project, yet you are having a hard time, our team can provide you with a list of the natural stones we have available.

First, you must know we are not limited in the materials we use. Hence, you can expect us to work with marble, granite, quartz, and the popular options. But less popular or requested, such as porcelain and solid surfaces, will be available too.

Our list comprehends multiple options, and among these materials, you can find subtypes that vary in price, range, and aesthetics:

  • Marble.
  • Granite.
  • Quartz.
  • Quartzite.
  • Semi-precious gemstones.
  • Dolomite.
  • Porcelain.
  • Engineered stones.
  • And more.

Whenever you are trying to find a fusion in any of the materials, we recommend working around a specific one you like over the others. Then think if it is possible to get a combination of the natural stones or if our natural stone installers can make it happen.

Pros & Cons of Natural Stone Countertops

Before any of our clients decide to go for their countertop installations with us, we like reviewing the pros and cons of two fundamental aspects.

While you have multiple options and natural stones overall are split in what is better or not by having their own pros and cons, there is a limit we can place for natural stones in general.

Therefore, we want to ask, are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of working with natural stones? In case you aren’t, review the essential ones right below:

  • They are versatile and offer multiple colors, patterns, and stains.
  • You can expect the greatest durability due to their nature.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain any natural stone countertop.
  • Heat and scratch resistance are included when going for this installation.
  • You can find affordable to very luxurious options in the market.
  • Some require special care, such as marble and quartz.
  • Porosity can be a problem whenever you work with marble or granite.
  • It is not easy to repair natural stone countertops.

Our company will help you get the most out of your investment as long as you give us details of what you would like for your space. Whenever you have a natural stone in mind and want us to address its installation, we will let you know if it is within your budget before anything else.

Then, we can proceed with the design and installation. But whenever you are choosing a stone, we will review the individual pros and cons so that you know what having them installed by our natural stone installers will involve.

How to Reach Out to Our Natural Stone Installers

A simple call or email will be enough to have us working on your countertop installation. We are here to satisfy you, but we must be realistic about how our personnel and staff seek your happiness. Otherwise, it is hard to ensure you will enjoy the final installation.

Now, to sum up, in everything, we are a reliable company that works with you in all steps of your natural stone countertop installation: choosing the materials, working on the design and planning, and ensuring every material and product to be used is of the best quality. We consider your budget, too, and ensure the installation is neatly done.

Fill out our contact form today for more information, or call and email our team.