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Mosaic Glass Tile Installers, Wellington Countertop Installers

Mosaic glass tile installation is quite popular among homeowners in Florida who are trying to get a unique and special design for the space. Unlike previous years, the usual neat and simple design of marble and quartz remains popular but is being quite surpassed by the stunning styles, designs, and colors you can get with this glass option. At Wellington Countertop Installers, we have the best options for you, all made of the best quality materials, which, coupled with our mosaic glass tile installers experience and skills, will get you the perfect result for your bathroom or space.

Unlike other companies in the area, we don’t like offering our services for bathrooms only. Although this is the popular room or space for these tiles, they have a lot of potentials. Therefore, we can help you with less common installations, such as in your kitchen, entryways, and outdoor areas, or work on a custom design and project.

As long as you give us the details and have our installers actively involved in your ideas, we will happily provide full support and the best process to complete the installation.

But in all this, we need to know: what is your budget for the project? While we don’t truly like asking about money, it is important to set a budget so that you know how much you can spend, and our installers can find you alternatives in case the main option is over what you can pay.

Therefore, whenever you decide to work with mosaic glass tiles, consider the alternatives and what you can get done for the budget you are establishing for your project. From there, we will get you an alternative that is similar to your preferences.

What Is So Special About Mosaic Glass Tiles?

Their design and how they are perfectly crafted so that they look stunning and with the unique transparent or shiny style is what makes them different.

They come in many colors, even more than the dozens you can create for granite and quartz. After all, you can get the specific color based on how you add it to the glass and the entire crafting process.

To clarify, mosaic glass tiles are the usual pieces of glass used for structures you can see on the Internet, in your city, and in other places. However, they go through a hardening process that makes them more resilient and resistant to heat and other use beyond decorative art and specific pieces.

This is why buying any type of mosaic glass won’t simply work. You need to have the correct brand and type so that you know it will handle the entire test and last for many years or a lifetime. Fortunately, they are easy to repair and can be replaced without major issues, which is a benefit in the long run.

However, every material and specific option for your backsplashes, walls, flooring, or other spaces, comes with downsides and upsides:

  • Mosaic glass tiles can be a bit costly, but not in comparison with marble, granite, or other types of tiles since you can get the glass one for $7 to $30.
  • They may be prone to scratch if you aren’t careful enough.
  • However, the benefit of the beautiful appearance is more than what other materials can offer.
  • It brightens your space.
  • They are easy to clean and actually maintain.
  • It is a green building material.

Can Our Mosaic Glass Tile Installers Work with Your Project?

We are not limited to small projects only. Therefore, if you feel like you are going to be limited due to the complexity or size, don’t be scared. You can count on us for any type of installation and have our team fully assist you.

Whenever you contact us, we will take the time to review your choice, work with you in the process of planning and designing the space, and finally move on with the installation.

It is possible to request a free estimate so that you know how much you could spend during the installation. This will include the steps, design, materials to be used, and labor costs.

Keep in mind that we include all products ad materials to be used and help you choose the most suitable ones or get them for you in case we don’t have them in stock.

Call or email us for more information and rest assured our mosaic glass tile installers will be ready.